ALL WORK / REHEARSAL SPACE: Digital Documentary Series

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REHEARSAL SPACE is a multi-platform digital documentary series about iconic artists, their songs and the places where their music is created. The series features artists or bands playing a song live in their rehearsal space, studio or a place where they feel at home.

The focus of the series is independent music, featuring influential artists from many genres. Each performance is followed by a candid conversation about sources of inspiration, the creative process, and the story behind each song. Each episode is shot in a different visual style, underscoring the mood of each song while allowing the location to become a character within the story.

Our recipe is simple: music and artists with integrity, originality and, most importantly, with a point of view.

  • Writer/Director + photographer: A.F. CORTÉS

  • Executive producer: Tim Perell

  • Interviewer: Michael Hill 

  • Producer: Dre Libreros

  • In co-production with: Process Media